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Anonymous information refers to information that cannot be tied back to a specific individual. Each time a visitor comes to www.BergenKnights.org, we collect some information to improve the overall quality of our visitors' online experience. We collect:

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If you contact us (phone, fax, mail and/or email), we may keep a record of that contact and correspondence. We use the information provided so that we may respond to you via e-mail.

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We also collect information "anonymously" using "cookies." Presently, "cookies" play an important role in making the Internet work, but there is much confusion among Internet users about what cookies are and how they are used. A cookie is a small text file containing a unique identification number that is transferred from a web site to the hard drive of your computer so that the web site may identify you and track your activities on the web site. This unique number identifies your browser-- but not you -- whenever you visit our site. A cookie will not let a web site know any personally identifiable information about you, such as your real name and address. We are not generally interested in any one individual and do not collect personally identifiable information about any one person using cookies. The coding in the cookies we set lets us know that you are using a particular computer but nothing more. Since cookies are only text files, they cannot run on your computer, search your computer for other information or transmit any information to anyone.

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Help us remember who you are through your browser settings so that we can offer and provide personalized services.

We use cookies to store and sometimes track information about whom has done and seen on our site. Cookies also allow us to save passwords and preferences for you so that you will not have to re-enter them the next time you visit.

Without cookies, it could be difficult for us to know that certain services are more popular than others are. This information helps us to better understand when to open up new services.

Cookies help us know whether or not users have seen particular displays, including advertising, so we do not bore you with the same material over and over again. Displaying advertisements. Third party advertising networks may issue cookies when serving advertisements. The use of cookies is now an industry standard, and you will find them used on most major web sites. Most browsers are initially set up to accept cookies. If you prefer, you can reset your browser either to notify you when you have received a cookie, or to refuse to accept cookies. You should understand that while we do not require you to use cookies, certain sites will not function properly if you set your browser to not accept cookies.

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Our History

Since our founding in Hackensack on August 27, 1931, the AHEPA Bergen Knights' has focused on philanthropic endeavors contributing both locally in Bergen County, New Jersey and around the world. Today, our chapter is based in Tenafly, New Jersey but our history of commitment to philanthropy and volunteerism has not changed.


Our History

Our Charities

The AHEPA Bergen Knights have supported a multitude of charitable organizations and foundations both locally in Bergen County and around the world. Most recently, our chapter has supported Alex's Lemonade Stand for Childhood Cancer Research, AHEPA 5th District Cancer Research Foundation & AHEPA Service Dogs for Warriors.


Our Charities

Our Sponsors

The AHEPA Bergen Knights have served philanthropic interests for over 85 years. We plan a variety of professional events to promote your business and support our charitable causes. With you by our side, we’re sure to achieve our fundraising goals. If interested in being an event sponsor, please reach out to us. We can’t wait to hear back!


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