"My People" by Anna Rezan



January 29, 2023
4:00 PM

Saint John the Theologian
Fellowship Hall
353 East Clinton Avenue
Tenafly, NJ 07670

Film Showing followed by discussion with Anna Rezan.
Reception with food & beverages.

'My People' by Anna Rezan

To honor the International Day of Commemoration in memory of the victims of the Holocaust, on the 29th of January, the New Jersey premiere hosted by the Order of AHEPA Bergen Knights and Anna Rezan.


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"My People" by Anna Rezan
Official Trailer

About the documentary "My People"

...Parallel realities thoughtout generations ...

It's a dialogue of millennial people with our ancestors...dealing with values... what really matters in life , inspiring life choices , the love for life which is timeless ...

...a heartwarming letter to humanity ...The inspiring untold story of the Greek Jews during the Holocaust...Romance...the Axis occupation...the fierce Greek resistance, the unique role of the Christian clergy; unveiled in a hymn to love, unity and courage as it is discovered by a young woman in her quest to uncover her family's history"

The film is produced, written & directed by Anna Rezan, Academy Award winners Mitchell Block and Kim Magnusson, Pantelis Kodogiannis and Zafeiris Haitidis.

This multi awarded documentary premiered to excellent reviews and extensively focuses and highlights two significant parts of Greek history that were extraordinary and singular among the countries of occupied Europe.  

It is the first film to widely underline the Greek Orthodox Church's overall incredible role in the Greek resistance and to widely promote it's values to audiences across the world.

Given the fact that it is made by a young woman, it touches youth on a very personal level.

The second is the heroic Greek resistance movement in various regions of Greece that was instrumental to the defeat of the Germans and their allies and the ending of the Second World War.


"Eye opening, even with all I know about that story and a gift to the generations to come..The documentary highlights relatively unknown and untold significant historical facts of the era with a groundbreaking outlook to the Christian Clergy."
V Von Karagian (Reporter, Author & Journalist)


"As Anna embarks on her quest to uncover her family history, she meets survivors from all areas of Greece... Over my forty year plus career in the film industry and as a member of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences and the British Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, I've never seen a work that's dealed with such matters ,the way this work has, it has been a pleasure and an inspiration to work with this dedicated filmmaker Anna Rezan. Anna Rezan's perspective is unlike that of other Holocaust films. Her focus has been on hope, humanity and love which is a pioneer point of view on the Holocaust."
Academy Award winner Mitchell Block, Producer

"It left me frequently in tears of relief...It’s an amazing achievement, a deeply moving expression of love. This film itself, to have made it, is an act of love. It reminded me of what it is to be simply human. The frailty and the courage."
Jonathan Nossiter , ( Sundance, Cannes award winning Filmmaker )

"This is groundbreaking and deserving work.Unexpected..."
Patrick McGavin (La Times , Indiewire etc)

"She is one of the youngest filmmakers to ever tackle a matter of such cultural, religious, political and historical importance. Through this fresh and optimistic perspective, she wishes to inspire her generation and future generations to come, with her powerful and moving film. "
Multi Academy Award winner Kim Magnusson, Producer

"A good strong piece of cinema, harder to watch than NIGHT AND FOG, and excellent movement between the present and the past, interwoven through Anna Rezan’s search for her roots.."
Oscar Winner Ben Shedd

Audience Quotes

"Life changing"

"A celebration of life"

"Universal message, pioneer filmmaking "

"What a revelation!"

About Anna Rezan

Known from the "The Good Wife" or the pages of Vogue magazine... Anna Rezan began her career in her early teens by appearing in Greek films and television series, most notably Farewell Anatolia and starring in the 2010 comedy film ShowBitch that premiered at the Thessaloniki International Film Festival. Her first international feature film role was in La Commedia di Amos Poe, a new translation of Dante's Divine Comedy by Amos Poe starring Roberto Benigni that premiered in the 2010 Venice Film Festival. She made her catwalk debut as a high fashion model in New York Fashion Week in 2014. In 2016, her song "Let there be Love" was released internationally by Universal Music Group. In 2018 she co-starred in "DFLD: with Mikis Theodorakis on the Road" that premiered at the Hof International Film Festival. Rezan returned to Greece and began the creation of this project just by herself along with her cinematographer Zaf Haitides.In 2022 the film was completed and is co-produced by Academy Award winner Mitchell Block & multi-Academy Award winner Kim Magnusson.


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